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                                     Rental payments are due BY the 1st of the month.
                  Payment must be received by the 1st of the month due or a $15.00 late fee applies.

                         Chick's RV & Boat Storage - Space Rental Agreement and Policy.

                                  Please read and understand before signing agreement.

1.  This is an agreement to rent space of sufficient dimension needed to accommodate the property described.
It is not a bailment.

2.  Chick’s RV Storage will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind. Renter agrees to Provide and             
carry his own Insurance to protect against theft, pilferage, fire, wind, to include any acts of God, weather, animals and

3.  The storing of personal property within the unit is discouraged.

4.  Space rental is to be kept paid on time or late fees will apply.

5.  Cancellation - Lessee agrees to give Lessor 5 days notice of cancellation of agreement.

6.  Rental charges must be paid in full before removal of Lessee’s property.

7.  Parking and Storing of property MUST be kept maintained and parked within assigned space to allow proper room for

8.  Any damage within storage lot to any other vehicle caused by you, the Lessee, is your sole responsibility. Chick’s RV
Storage will share your contact info with owner of any unit or property damaged by you for said incident to be resolved
between the two said parties.

9.  Any damage to storage lot property (Fence, Gate, Electric, Water, Sewer, Land) caused by you, the Lessee, is your
sole responsibility.

10. BOUNCED CHECK – If you write a bad check to Chick’s RV Storage you will be locked out and this storage space
agreement is terminated immediately!

11.  Chick’s RV Storage does not mail out invoices.  (Set your reminders by calendar, cell phone or computer
calendars).    Chick’s RV Storage will E-Mail Lessee Receipts upon payment.  

12.  It is the Lessee’s responsibility to keep Chick’s RV Storage updated at all times of any changes in contact

13.  There are no trash cans provided within storage lot. Please remove trash and any debris from your rented space.

14.  During the year the storage lot area is trimmed and mowed several times.  Please fill free to cut or spray the grass
and weeds in your parking space.

15.  In the months during Icing or Snow be extremely careful moving your unit in and around storage lot. It will be slick at

16.  Do not share your key code. It is part of your security.

17.  Risk of Personal Injury – Lessee Understands and Acknowledges that he/she enters upon the premises at his/her
own risk.

18.  The water supply within the storage lot is shut off, drained and winterized during cold winter months.

19.  Vehicles must stay in proper working order and must have a valid
(NON-Expired) License Tag and Insurance.

20.  Your code will be removed if payment is NOT received on time.

21. Your property is deemed abandoned if full payment is not received within 30 days of last due date, at that time your
property will be confiscated. Proper filing to the State of Ohio will proceed and your property will be sold at will.

22.  YOUR VEHICLE – If your property appears to Chick’s RV Storage to NOT being maintained, Unfit for Use, a Safety
Concern, NOT being USED or seen as problematic, You, the Lessee will be evicted and must remove said property
immediately, Which terminates this storage space agreement with Chick’s RV Storage.


                             Any part of this agreement is subject to change without notice.

                                    Thank you for choosing Chick's RV & Boat Storage
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